Enlivened [verb]

Definition of Enlivened:

inspire, vitalize

Opposite/Antonyms of Enlivened:

Sentence/Example of Enlivened:

On railway matters he was a writer of great skill, and all he wrote was enlivened with the happiest humour.

In many of the parks, the rhododendrons were in full bloom, and their rich masses of color wonderfully enlivened the scenery.

The occasion was enlivened by music from the local band and songs by young girls in the old Welsh costume.

Another day went by, enlivened only by an interchange of notes between Mr. Gryce and Miss Butterworth.

The debate that followed was enlivened by Mr. Roebuck, who made a violent assault on the whole system of ministerial policy.

The breakfast hour was enlivened by a continual peppering of small shot from her, varied by a big gun from her father.

All I meant to say was, that champagne is very pretty tipple; and so thought the dinner party, who were proportionally enlivened.

Here the unfortunate Savage has held his intellectual "noctes" and enlivened the old moralist with his mad philosophy.

We were compelled to sleep in bomb-proofs to avoid their mortar shells, with which they enlivened the scene at night.

Almost every page has a touch of this skill, and every aspect of field and sea and sky is enlivened.