Enlivens [verb]

Definition of Enlivens:

inspire, vitalize

Opposite/Antonyms of Enlivens:

Sentence/Example of Enlivens:

That union of discovery and down-home familiarity enlivens her colorful Indonesian cookbook, which skims the country’s astonishing culinary wealth.

They wrote many feature stories enlivened by the trial’s colorful protagonists.

This enlivens the process of audience interaction and lead generation.

The dinner was quiet and uninteresting, save for the cheerful efforts of Arobin to enliven things.

I have, therefore, thought it expedient to enliven with paintings the whole habitation of the saint.

He looked at her with a grave smile, which did not enliven his thoughtful eyes, but gave an inexpressible sweetness to his face.

Birds and flowers do much to enliven the dusky house-windows of the London streets, and both are attended to with great care.

While he was in Paris, an incident occured, the recollection of which has served to enliven many a social occasion.

Bellamy, therefore, was the only one who spoke; and his unanswered observations contributed but little to enliven the walk.

He cast about for an illustration which would at once make clear the distinction and enliven his lecture.