Enormousness [noun]

Definition of Enormousness:

enormous state

Synonyms of Enormousness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enormousness:

Sentence/Example of Enormousness:

So letter-perfect was he in his lines that a layman might have scouted his realization of the enormousness of his responsibility.

But no merely physical ratio can convey the impression of enormousness that a great naval gun makes on the imagination.

But Julius Cæsar attracted Shaw not less by his positive than by his negative enormousness.

It had the cold enormousness of something very near and menacing.

He had not realized the enormousness of the task of putting a fellow-man out of the world.

But what is most astonishing about the Tribute is its enormousness.

We speak of the enormity of an offence but of the enormousness of a crowd.

They were silent alike before the enormousness and the enormity of this.

I'm as liberal as any of them—or that my liberality won't cost me anything—the enormousness of the data that we shall have.

I urged him with the enormousness of the offence, but I made no impression.