Enquire [verb]

Definition of Enquire:

ask about

Synonyms of Enquire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enquire:

Sentence/Example of Enquire:

But it was not necessary for him to enquire how strict, or how apparently long, was to be his confinement.

Make an engagement with the hackman, to take you only in his hack, and enquire his charge before starting.

It is, therefore, worth while to enquire, is science really so positive as these persons pretend?

With all these palpable facts in view, let us enquire into the origin of the book which has produced such results.

I found he spoke English, and immediately began to enquire of him concerning the news of Rio.

“You tempt one to enquire the length of the reign of a satisfactory enigma,” cried Lady Engleton.

I made it my business to enquire what way there is for a man bred like me to come to understand anything of trade.

Whether Henry's original intention was simply to leave the Irish chiefs in possession or not, it is useless now to enquire.

I will go and enquire whether there is any ship likely to sail in the course of a few days or so for Jamaica.

"It is not wise to enquire about our fate," replied Merla, and he saw her face grow grave with resolution in the dim light.