Enquiries [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Enquiries:

Not until last week when Morgan started making enquiries as to salaries, et cetera.

He wanted to make enquiries about her, but feared to arouse suspicion of having too keen an interest in her.

If La Touche had been another man she might have awakened him to make enquiries.

The presence of Lionel stifled the enquiries of Eugenia; and pride, all up in arms, absorbed every softer feeling in Camilla.

As to this young officer, I shall take proper care to make enquiries, before he has his answer.

The if almost dropt inarticulated: but he added—'I shall make some further enquiries before I venture to say any more.'

Those mighty enquiries were the intellectual jousts and tournaments of the age of chivalry and knight errantry.

Mr. Tyrold, who believed her suffering all for her uncle, made further enquiries, while Lavinia tenderly sustained her.

The finest specimens of such enquiries which we possess are the works of Adam Smith and Montesquieu.

He made several enquiries concerning his nephew and requested that when I came again I would bring his hair.