Enraptured [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Enraptured:

I was enraptured—the communication was made in the most courteous manner to the marquis.

And now she slowly closed the window, and gradually retired from the eyes of her enraptured lover.

The first mate went to look into it and found Liosha standing enraptured at the hatch looking down upon a free fight.

The great attraction of the evening was not Chopin, but Brod, who "enraptured" the audience.

Elated and enraptured, he vehemently exclaimed: 'Oh, were my lot not irrevocably miserable!

Then raising her hands and her eyes to heaven, she burst forth into a strain of enraptured devotion.

How should we be alarmed and allured--terrified and enraptured--deterred by "sights of wo," excited by scenes of glory!

The air is motionless as the water; and the enraptured eye gazes in dreamy enjoyment on all that is lovely and peaceful in nature.

Amazed and enraptured they contemplated the heap of all manner of articles that they had never yet made acquaintance with.

The man who could feel the progress of a ray of light would be greatly enraptured, for it is very rapid.