Enrapturing [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Enrapturing:

Such pretty maneuvering of horse and foot took place below Holyrood Palace as quite to enrapture a terrier.

At first the work did not enrapture me, for I could not see the use of spending so much time upon breathing.

“I will enrapture you with a thousand hexameters declaratory of my incommunicable affections,” shouted the prolific versifier.

The depth and variegated beauty of coloring that marks this season of decaying foliage, would enrapture the heart of an artist.

Meantime, the girl was making a toilet of vast and artful simplicity wherewith to enrapture the eye of the beholder.

The very smallness of her stature, with its perfect symmetry, had also gone far to enrapture him.

The sight of a modern monument throws one into melancholy even while an ancient one has not ceased to enrapture.

Her face was lovely and animated enough to enrapture a Raffaelle, and her fortune ample enough to captivate a Rothschild.

The results will at the same time enrapture and discourage a dazzled world.

And yet, even in this state, they enrapture those who behold them.