Enriching [verb]

Definition of Enriching:

improve, embellish

Synonyms of Enriching:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enriching:

Sentence/Example of Enriching:

While its founders may not have sought to become wealthy, they are still likely to become billionaires if Robinhood goes public, and the company’s investors are likely to be significantly enriched by a deal expected to be announced in coming months.

His Democratic opponent, Jon Ossoff, has been accusing Perdue of enriching himself at the outset of the pandemic while average Americans struggle to find jobs and pay rent.

The reasons extend far beyond Covid-19 or even the continued rise of online shopping, and have more to do with trends in the American economy that have been shrinking the middle class while enriching the already wealthy.

Not only do visuals enrich the content, but they also help readers comprehend the information provided better.

It continued to grow into the festival that it is today, with many events, celebrations, and opportunities to build and enrich Detroit’s LGBTQ community.

It contains directions for draining, clearing, and inclosing a farm, and for enriching the soil and reducing it to tillage.

Like vendors of drugs, their aim is to catch popular credit and favour, and to seize every opportunity of enriching themselves.

This will give scope to our privateers to weaken and distress the enemies of their country, while they are enriching themselves.

With a view to enriching the course, numerous specific references are given to selected geographical reading.

Mehemet Ali and his descendants have always gone on the principle of enriching themselves by monopolies of all sorts.