Enrollment [noun]

Definition of Enrollment:

registration for membership

Synonyms of Enrollment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enrollment:

Sentence/Example of Enrollment:

The new enrollment opportunity will run from next week through May 15.

PCR-based SARS-CoV-2 tests were performed at enrollment, and participants were also tested for the presence of antibodies against the virus.

In May of that year, 164 Ellington students — nearly 30 percent of the enrollment — were formally accused of living outside the city and failing to pay tuition.

The town has a population of roughly 3,500 and the school has an enrollment of roughly 300.

Critics say such demands restrict enrollment in those two networks to parents and children who can handle the pressure.

Major financial companies will all have guides for self-employed folks on how to figure out which options are open, and you can start researching particular funds as you begin the enrollment process.

Based at the Universities at Shady Grove in Rockville, the two-year program was introduced in the fall of 2019 with an enrollment goal of 50 students.

Even temporary drops in enrollment could lead to a decline in revenue for school systems under state funding formulas, but Northam said he was committed to keeping districts whole.

That program is starting to roll out now, with Apple opening up the enrollment process just this morning.

They build the database themselves with known people and that are willingly and actively participating in the enrollment of the system.