Ensconced [verb]

Definition of Ensconced:

hide; tuck away

Synonyms of Ensconced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ensconced:

Sentence/Example of Ensconced:

Before long the pair are ensconced in his hotel room, doing the horizontal hula.

There may be comfort and reassurance in being ensconced with like-minded relatives, or simply in keeping to cherished traditions.

The Dodgers were ensconced in a hotel about 20 minutes from Globe Life Field.

There’s no obvious reason for Barrett or any other Supreme Court justice to care about public opinion once they’re safely ensconced on the court.

You ensconce yourself in the familiar darkness of the theater, though not in your usual seat, which has been booked by someone else.

Lamb went back into the main lobby and ensconced himself behind a morning paper.

Thanks to the solitude where this house was ensconced in, the period necessary for the healing of the child ran peacefully by.

Here he ensconced himself, and peeped through the loophole in the direction of the rider's approach.

Thus, by the time the deluge was fairly upon us, we were quite snugly ensconced.

He climbed the same ascent, leaped the canyon, and ensconced himself on the further side.