Ensconcing [verb]

Definition of Ensconcing:

hide; tuck away

Synonyms of Ensconcing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ensconcing:

Sentence/Example of Ensconcing:

The league opted against neutral-site bubbles for the postseason and prohibited teams from utilizing mandatory local bubbles that would have ensconced personnel in hotels.

It was but the work of a moment to ensconce herself behind its voluminous folds.

It struck him at once that it would be a good plan to climb into this, and ensconce himself among the branches.

At the first sign of dawn the next morning they necessarily issue forth, but ensconce themselves in hiding until broad daylight.

In her determination to ensconce the family type comfortably she is as careless of the single life as nature itself.

He had been driven to ensconce the nest in a corner of his already too-well-filled den.

If left on the floor, they afford the family dogs, who ensconce themselves therein, a convenient refuge from flies.

This being the case, Captain Dalgetty ventured to ensconce himself in the gallery, of which he carefully secured the door.

It is common for the ryot to dig a shallow pit, and ensconce himself inside with his matchlock beside him.

But with apparent obedience she went out—only, however, to ensconce herself immediately behind the door.