Ensembles [noun]

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Bellini's, Auber's and Spontini's scores are thin compared with his; even Auber's grandest ensembles lack his sham magnificence.

In the enormously difficult ensembles of the singers in the second act, not one single note was omitted last night.

After we get the numbers taught—that is, the songs—then I start to teach the ensembles to dance the different routines.

We find none of the set forms of the later opera seria, no regular arie, no duets, no ensembles.

The ensembles are of a far higher character than the solos, both as regards characterisation and musical execution.

We do not find set duets, choruses, or ensembles in this delicate and artistic score, and we need not regret their absence.

No less is the magnificent triumph of the ensembles, his manner of painting in bold masses of light and shade.

Larger, specially formed folk ensembles perform on radio and television and give concerts.

Meyerbeer's distribution of arias, duets, ensembles, and finales is the result of a deliberate eclecticism.

The beauties of Honfleur are to be found in its curiously appealing ensembles.