Enshrined [verb]

Definition of Enshrined:

hold as sacred

Synonyms of Enshrined:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enshrined:

Sentence/Example of Enshrined:

In your radiant and immaculate bosom the divine spark may be enshrined, a place without sullying where it may fitly nestle.

She could hardly harbor that thought, for she felt also that Mysie's heart enshrined but one man, and that was Robert.

It is clear that old bones were regarded with religious awe in Hindostan before they were enshrined in Christendom.

The old house was as mean-looking and gloomy as ever, but one feeling, enshrined in the heart of a woman, changed it to a palace.

Here she had enshrined herself, and given to simplicity all her dignity and truth.

I don't believe so noble an intellect was ever enshrined in so beautiful a form before.

The very conception of the spiritual is enshrined in the bosom of Gods word.

Pope's attachment to him, however, has enshrined his name in glowing lines to future generations.

The names of some of his favourite authors are similarly enshrined, as Crabbea, Evelyna.

The whole was lighted and stood out in strong contrast to the dim church in which it was enshrined.