Enslaving [verb]

Definition of Enslaving:

make someone a servant

Synonyms of Enslaving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enslaving:

Sentence/Example of Enslaving:

During the 246 years of enslavement, it was illegal to teach enslaved people to read.

Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore became one of the latest to address the issue last year when it revealed that its namesake benefactor had enslaved people.

On Christmas Day, 1831, the Baptist deacon Samuel Sharpe organized a strike on the Jamaica sugar plantation where he was enslaved.

A young enslaved man with special powers escapes from a Virginia plantation.

She said the nonprofit is indebted to its volunteers, who have mapped Baltimore’s trade of enslaved people and helped honor the city’s LGBTQ community, among other initiatives.

Selling human organs or enslaved people can meet a demand and generate profit, but we say these items do not belong in the marketplace.

In 1873 when Hopkins died, he had three people working for him whose ages aligned with three of the enslaved people listed in 1850, Papenfuse said.

Using his access to the plantations and their enslaved laborers as a teacher of Bible studies, Sharpe organized resistance cells across the island and a massive intelligence-gathering operation.

Maryland was a leading supplier in the interstate trade of enslaved people to the cotton South.

In 2003, Brown University’s then-president, Ruth Simmons, launched a study into the school’s connections to the transatlantic trade in enslaved people.