Ensnares [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Ensnares:

After building credibility, the hackers moved to ensnare their marks.

Rather than having to go through the hassle of ensnaring victims themselves, customers have a ready-made group of computers that will run their crimeware.

In a pilot project last year, funded by the diamond company De Beers and Natural Resources Canada, he and colleagues used tailings from a mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories to ensnare carbon dioxide released from a tank.

We all bow to the seor, and I wonder if he is really the private secretary, or a private humbug, waiting around to ensnare us.

This insect is the most subtle and dangerous enemy the ant has; the plans which he forms to ensnare his prey, are very ingenious.

"I must take a little, only a little," he said, and that little continually asserted its power to entice and ensnare.

But as the mandarin cast his net into the deep he thought he would rather ensnare his host's lovely wife.

Whilst they are reeling under the blow throw out a gentle hint that Constance may ensnare Traill's nephew.

In this case, by what signs shall we know whether God means to instruct or ensnare us?

To test me, because she is jealous of you; or to ensnare me because she wants to win out diplomatically—or both, it may be.