Ensue [verb]

Definition of Ensue:

start to happen; come to pass

Synonyms of Ensue:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ensue:

Sentence/Example of Ensue:

The play ultimately failed, but the Chiefs managed only one first down on the ensuing series, and Tommy Townsend shanked the punt for just 29 yards.

Unlike their opening possession, the Bucs were able to get a first down, when running back Ronald Jones rumbled for 13 yards, but an ensuing end-around by wide receiver Scotty Miller lost three yards.

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl hit a pair of free throws, and while Georgetown was able to force a missed three-pointer on the ensuing extra possession, Villanova’s Collin Gillespie secured the offensive rebound and was fouled.

Success ensues and he becomes a notable virus hunter, does Ted Talks, receives grants and publishes papers and, in 2011, his bestselling book, “The Viral Storm.”

Aluma had a layup on the ensuing inbound play but missed, and the Panthers got Au’Diese Toney’s layup and three-pointer for a 68-55 lead.

What ensues is a sharp meditation on the impact of living so much of our lives online, and the significant influence that often has on how we think of others and ourselves.

The ensuing, albeit brief, rebound in GameStop’s stock wrong-footed other hedge funds that had borrowed shares in a bet on them to decline in value.

Speculation about an awkward, if not volatile, situation ensued.

En route to Washington, the Sixth Massachusetts Regiment encountered an angry mob of Confederate sympathizers in Baltimore, according to historical records, and a deadly riot ensued.

Both laws represented major concessions to Southern enslavers, but the latter was especially unpopular with Northern constituents, many of whom defected to the Republican Party in the ensuing midterm elections.