Ensures [verb]

Definition of Ensures:

guarantee; make secure

Synonyms of Ensures:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ensures:

Sentence/Example of Ensures:

Why a Christian should turn Moslem, we can understand—at least he ensures worldly advancement.

The duet which I sing with Richard is also your work; the mere fact that it is yours ensures my singing it well.

A parting slip hung from the head inside the cased frame separates the balancing weights and ensures their smooth working.

You must first of all feel yourself alone, all alone in life, ere you can experience that liberty that ensures free action.

A certificate therefore ensures a sound and fairly wide education.

This is of great importance, as it ensures the requisite interval being obtained.

This ensures that similarity of order shall be preserved in all the stages of development in successive generations.

The guide on the grooving plane thus works against each face of the joint, and this ensures correct jointing.

The housing to include a restaurant where nourishing but simple food may be obtained for payment that ensures a small profit.

That generally ensures the arrival of all before the fish is spoiled.