Entailed [verb]

Definition of Entailed:

require; result in

Synonyms of Entailed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entailed:

Sentence/Example of Entailed:

The senior branch of the family being thus extinct the whole of the entailed estate had devolved on me.

In fact, description and dialogue has entailed upon the writer rather an effort of memory than any strain upon the imagination.

The navy in time of war was recruited by impressment, a system which, though recognised by common law, entailed much hardship.

You know the law about succeeding to peerages and entailed lands?

The sacrifice entailed by this departure was in proportion to these sentiments.

For removing the curse entailed by sin, its revelation was designed.

Bell ringing entailed a heavy yearly expenditure upon St. John's parish.

At that moment she was more concerned by a fascinating necessity which Barney's flamboyant enterprise entailed.

Of course it entailed backing out, but as the yacht fortunately was a very handy vessel, this was safely accomplished.

Ay, sir, that is a curse, entailed on Scotland by her unnatural union with a foreign and trading people.