Entails [verb]

Definition of Entails:

require; result in

Synonyms of Entails:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entails:

Sentence/Example of Entails:

They feel that the system has few advantages to offer in return for the cost it entails upon them.

First, Covenanting entails obligation even on the unbeliever who vows and swears.

Nature seems still to wish to keep the young and blushing girl apart from that connection which entails grave and arduous duties.

But how does the matter stand when there is genius on both sides, and self-sacrifice of either party entails loss to the world?

Moreover, I was appointed to it without having to undergo the painful ceremonies that initiation entails.

To snuff out a candle accidentally entails the fate of not getting married in the same year.

One expedient alone remains to me, one which entails constant attendance: it is to renew the provisions each day.

Property, however, not only affords increased rights; it also entails greater obligations.

The borrowing of foreign words always entails their phonetic modification.

The mere exercise of the ear, in listening to singers, entails also the training of what may be called the "mental voice."