Enterprises [noun]

Definition of Enterprises:

adventure, undertaking

Synonyms of Enterprises:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enterprises:

Sentence/Example of Enterprises:

They don’t doubt everything, only what is problematic for their individual enterprises.

But, many of the deficiencies identified in the study likely equally apply to multi-location enterprises.

Challenges marketers face in measuring outcomes of programs using location-based dataData accuracy was the top issue expressed by enterprise marketers when recently surveyed about their use of location data by 451 Research.

For a well-rounded conversation we hosted speakers with perspectives from both the practitioner side of things, as well as practical effectiveness with SEO In-House as part of an enterprise team.

Microsoft, with it’s focus on the enterprise, might seem like an odd fit for TikTok.

Particularly for enterprise-level companies, payment often needs to come from different divisions by region.

I think women’s soccer can grow now, even with the handicap it had for half a century, into being a fully competitive, self-sustaining enterprise.

The obstacles operating against the development of enterprises and employment of foreign capital to be removed.

The various gigantic enterprises he served as president or director occupied most of his time.

This denotes the fortitude of these first preachers; and their success in their spiritual enterprises.