Entertainingly [adverb]

Definition of Entertainingly:

with regard to polite society

Synonyms of Entertainingly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entertainingly:


Sentence/Example of Entertainingly:

Among later victims was the famous Cartouche, of whom Thackeray wrote so entertainingly.

He is accompanied by his father's friend, who talks entertainingly about the memorable facts which the hallowed soil suggests.

It is as obliging in company, especially of superiors, to listen attentively, as to talk entertainingly.

Well and entertainingly told and the characters are ably portrayed.

He can ask questions, and he can tell a story well, vividly and entertainingly, in a vein all his own.

Then the conversation ranged to art, the theatre, war, and politics; and on each he could speak entertainingly.

How they finally arrived at the fair ground and their amusing experiences are most entertainingly told.

He is also a capital story-teller, with a head full of odd fancies, and a nimble pen able to set them forth entertainingly.

You will wear garments of gold and eat the most delicate soups, and you will pass your time most entertainingly.

He had the fortunate quality of being able to work and converse most entertainingly at the same time.