Enthralled [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Enthralled:

After moving to California at age 12, he happened upon the theater district and became enthralled by dance.

Finally, I found him up in the clubhouse with everybody around him enthralled.

Hip-hop in particular is a language that holds sway on a global scale, similar to the way that jazz enthralled Paris in the 1920s.

Andy was enthralled by Lucia’s stories of her recent trip to Spain.

They had no time to wonder how he came to know so much, for he held their minds completely enthralled.

Weary as she was, the imminence of disaster at first fascinated—then enthralled her.

This story enthralled little Pen, who at fourteen was almost bowled over by the thought that some day Sara might be a duke.

For half an hour they stood enthralled by the scene, then they turned up the river, walking along its bank.

Her voluble confidences had enthralled him, and her reference of this matter to his judgment was enormously flattering.

No garlanded victor could look up to the gracious divinity more joyously, more completely enthralled by grateful rapture.