Enthrone [verb]

Definition of Enthrone:

give power or authority

Synonyms of Enthrone:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enthrone:

Sentence/Example of Enthrone:

Google pays Apple, for example, between $8 billion and $12 billion annually to be “enthroned” as the preset search engine on Apple’s iPhones, the attorneys general allege.

Do we wish to enthrone them in the chairs of our universities, to deliver oracles, harangues, and dissertations?

She was not in command here; so she waited serenely for the certain disasters to enthrone her.

He plotted a revolution, which should overthrow McGuire and enthrone himself.

Entice the tyrant back with fair promises, kill him and enthrone.

"Enthrone your majesty with all due ceremony and if necessary, defend you in true Szekler fashion," said Stephen Run.

One way is to enthrone reason and rely on facts, the other to crown credulity and live on faith.

Behold in them the double-bladed axe with which you decapitate the white old man whom you enthrone among your painted clouds!

Three months had sufficed to enthrone the Kriegslieferant—war purveyor.

These are a few samples collected at random, but they alone are almost sufficient to enthrone Chesterton among the critics.