Enthroned [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Enthroned:

In the whites of its very small grey eyes wickedness sat enthroned.

And Nerto is taken to the Pope, whom she finds sadly enthroned in all his splendor, and brings him the news of a means of escape.

The Past is never past; immortal as the Gods, it lives enthroned in the Present, and sets its limits and lays its commands.

Marion was enthroned upon the picnic-basket, with much pomp, and her guitar placed in her hand by Claude Moreton.

His father—that iron gentleman—had long ago enthroned himself on the heights of the Disruption Principles.

The leading rebellious spirits once sat there in their arm-chairs and enthroned King Cotton.

They who in heaven are enthroned as gods, in the light of the firmament; with the Maruts come hither, O Agni!

On October 6th, 1768, he was enthroned Archbishop of Canterbury.

Never in his gusty lifetime had he looked more the vagabond enthroned.

He is enthroned on high, far above all principality and power and might and dominion.