Enthuse [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Enthuse:

The events of that season were well calculated to enthuse the Confederate and to depress the Federal force.

Books to help uplift the young, to give them high ideas of life, to enthuse them with desires to live for a purpose!

The listener would enthuse in her turn, sometimes wholeheartedly, sometimes with an undercurrent of sadness or regret.

Even the contemplation of that happy state failed to enthuse.

He didnt even enthuse when he took a sip of Moselle that matched the Malasol and had more bouquet than the flowers.

But the humor of the situation failed to enthuse Bill, who lighted his pipe and stared moodily into the tiny fire.

“Of course he was,” said Daddy, beginning to enthuse to the delight of the clever little plotter in the bed.

It was all very well for Jack and Olive to enthuse over these possibilities and for Jean to pretend to feel the same way.

They only enthuse customs, which may change from day to day in their definitions and limits and carry the mores with them.

Why, the marvellous objects I saw in Europe, used in interior decorating in centuries past, enthuse me anew.