Enticed [verb]

Definition of Enticed:

allure; persuade

Synonyms of Enticed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enticed:

Sentence/Example of Enticed:

Still, whether DFS follows the path first trodden by iodized salt, from targeted intervention to universal condiment, depends in large part on whether commercial saltmakers can be enticed to begin manufacturing it at scale.

Hague enticed sweatshop factories fleeing nascent unionization out of New York City, while also allowing the American Federation of Labor to organize more skilled workers on a strict no-strike agreement.

Sellers discounted the prices of their streaming inventory to entice advertisers to redirect their dollars.

Now as Google Chrome’s sunset of third-party cookies promises to weaken traditional insight tools, many publishers are looking for new data-led strategies to entice agencies and clients to bring them next year’s business.

When Fast Eddie enticed her with 10 G’s in cash for “profit sharing,” that was a big surprise.

It has been said that a simple Slavonic peasant can be enticed by his national songs from one end of the world to the other.

It had started with the hypothesis that the man had been enticed by Zuela, and shipped aboard the Tamaulipas for Chili.

If she was enticed away by artful blandishments, or kidnapped by cruel violence, we knew not.

He enticed the girl from her peaceful home, and grief for her loss brought the old father to his grave.

They could not believe in frauds and swindles at the hands of such men as they who enticed them to irreparable financial ruin.