Entices [verb]

Definition of Entices:

allure; persuade

Synonyms of Entices:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entices:

Sentence/Example of Entices:

A firm adherent of the idea that sugar entices flies where vinegar will not, Miss Cathby applied the sugar.

During the Mother's absence, the Gipsy comes in, entices a child away, and hides her.

He always carries a pocketful of corn, and day by day entices the birds further and further away.

Nobody shoots over it, so that entices the animals; but Prince Ananda has a roomy machan there with an electric light in it.

Occasionally the splashing of a hooked fish on the surface entices an alligator from his lair in expectation of a fishy morsel.

The novel is full of local American color, and entices the attention from the reader's first plunge to the end.

It entices the turtle into a covered pit by pretending to give it a good place to sleep.

And if so, I should have drawn the world after me, as the shepherd entices a lamb with a lump of salt.

It also feeds on fish, which it entices to the surface by its spittle, and then knocks them out of the water with its paw.

"Antonio" entices and beguiles from fiery legend without, but "O'Riley" teaches decorum within.