Entirely [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Entirely:

Even so, brands trafficking in rice cakes didn’t entirely die out.

We have an entirely remote company in North Carolina, Grammarly in Europe… it’s more and more the norm.

However, it’s not entirely clear how the world’s leaders will organize this collaborative response.

Even better, it also opens up a number of entirely new opportunities to optimize our applications and improve performance.

Sanders’s support came mostly from young and progressive voters who think capitalism should be overhauled or, perhaps, replaced entirely.

The only sign of their relationship is the fact that their promotions are entirely made up of Epoch Times ads from that former page.

At the time, it wasn’t entirely clear whether these chefs had withdrawn their names before or after they got word the awards were off, or why they had done so.

I had made Frog Fractions entirely improvisationally and I figured I could just do that again.

Assuming many parents do take a gap year, it’s also entirely feasible that many, or even most, of them will enter public schools in first grade.

Many films went without roles from underrepresented groups entirely.