Entities [noun]

Definition of Entities:

object that exists

Synonyms of Entities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entities:

Sentence/Example of Entities:

In the old mythology these entities were recognised, indistinctly moving, in the grand scene of nature.

My demon entities grow, they split, the new entities adapt themselves to new conditions.

Although some of the diacritics are not found in ISO-8859-1, they can be rendered as html numeric entities.

In this case, will we be compelled to admit that number is anterior to the other intelligible entities, or posterior thereto?

For they must be either living or dead entities; in the latter case, not everything would be alive in the intelligible world.

In what respects do the (entities) which are contained by Intelligence seem to bear the form of the Good?

But these (Aristotelian) philosophers do not, in their division, regard the (Platonic) intelligible entities.

She is said to think intelligible entities when, by applying herself to them, she recalls them.

Prior to the elements are indeed matter and form, but as logical principles, not as physical and independent entities.

These are real entities, intelligible and not sensible, and they give to our world what reality it possesses.