Entitled [verb]

Definition of Entitled:

name, label

Synonyms of Entitled:

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Sentence/Example of Entitled:

While Blair’s attorneys denied these allegations, a judge ruled Snyder was entitled to the records he sought.

Your decisions can be good or bad, but you are entitled as an adult to make decisions about your finances and your property and your medical care.

Still, his parents kept a Government Printing Office pamphlet from 1950 entitled “Survival Under Atomic Attack.”

Uber fought to treat its app workers as contractors, not full-time employees entitled to benefits—a battle it just won after the election day approval of ballot measure Proposition 22 in California.

The agency thinks that millions more aren’t entitled to its help.

According to Trapani, who shared these insights during his presentation entitled “How to Manage a Marketing Budget During a Crisis” at the recent MarTech conference, the key is to create a Plan C before you need it.

“The Post requests a declaratory judgment that the State Department has violated FOIA and that the Post is entitled to immediately receive the documents referenced above,” said our lawsuit, filed in June in federal court in Washington.

After approving, then denying, Ghabboun’s claim, the state of Washington confirmed in writing in October that Ghabboun is entitled to benefits going forward.

Under a law passed to protect crime victims, the deputy was entitled to privacy, officials said.

Certainly, communities are entitled to know about outbreaks at schools.