Entraining [verb]

Definition of Entraining:

embark on vehicle

Synonyms of Entraining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entraining:

Sentence/Example of Entraining:

There was a general rush to the stores after dinner, as we hear we are to entrain for Pretoria to-morrow.

Orders were received for the Regiment to entrain for Machadodorp for the purpose of garrisoning the railway blockhouses.

Perhaps some soldiers are going along to a place of meeting, where they expect to entrain for the front.

Nobody came to the hotel to inform them when the unit was to entrain.

The men, their kitbags already packed and their equipment on, rapidly began to entrain in the waiting troop trains.

Even in the laws and religion of the French there now and then appeared marks of their irrepressible entrain.

He scarcely ever reached again this terseness and vivacity of style, and this entrain.

Actually at noon on the 25th we got the order to entrain at Harlow at midnight, and the next morning we were on Southampton Docks.

As soon as they were relieved Companies marched to Loisne Chateau, where they were to entrain.

On the ninth day the Seventh went down the Avenue, twelve hundred strong, to entrain for Texas.