Entranced [verb]

Definition of Entranced:

captivate, hypnotize

Synonyms of Entranced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entranced:

Sentence/Example of Entranced:

My apartment was a granny flat over a garage, its separate entrance something I valued a lot, as I didn’t have to bother my landlord going in and out, and he usually never saw me and thus never got a chance to scam on me.

The northern entrance of Front Royal is a gateway town with all the quaint historic charm you’d expect from a small village settled in colonial times, as well as one of the best cheeseburgers in the state at Spelunker’s.

He added how the first students in the program spent time building algae farms in their backyards, working with SpaceX engineers and taking college-level math classes upon entrance.

I think the hospital setting is an easier entrance for people who are concerned about not having the strength, or the conviction, to feel they can weather this experience.

She later gained entrance to Harvard Law School but transferred to Columbia Law School, where she finished in a tie at the top of her class.

Will Wallace had left him by that time, and was listening entranced to the fervid exhortations of Dickson of Rutherglen.

I stood entranced by the exquisite beauty and majesty of the naked creature until Prince Genner nudged me with an elbow.

From the opening bar to the close of the Oratorio the club members listened entranced.

So entranced was Cattledon that she never moved hand or foot, simply stood still and gazed.

It came to them really as a sort of divine explanation of a paganism which entranced but bewildered them.