Entranceway [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Entranceway:

It would be a big job shifting so much sand even if the entranceway could be found.

Each front has its wide central porch and double-door entranceway.

Two marked stories usually divide it—that of the entranceway and the big window story over it.

These should not be used in a large high-studded hall; but they look well in a small entranceway, if hung on plain-tinted walls.

These enclosed stairs usually started near the vaulted entranceway leading from the street to the cortile.

On the east side a noticeable feature is the overlapping of the boundary wall of the south wing, forming an indirect entranceway.

This same stoplight appears as you look at Exhibit 477 to the left of the entranceway to the building, is that correct?

Craning their necks to see around the palm tree, they watched the dining room entranceway.

Approaching its entranceway, they saw that a throng of people had gathered not far from the rear exit of The Green Parrot.

The entranceway was very small, just large enough to admit a canoe, but not with its occupants sitting upright.