Entrants [noun]

Definition of Entrants:

person entering competition, starting new activity

Synonyms of Entrants:

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Sentence/Example of Entrants:

Some older companies, like 113-year-old logistics giant UPS, are unionized, but major nonunion employers include more recent entrants like retailers Walmart and the Gap.

With Disney owning Hulu, the ad-supported streaming war may amount to little more than a new front in an old fight with few new entrants.

Bobbie, with its skeleton team and mere days of experience serving customers in a 15-mile radius, had no such longstanding relationships by the time the FDA became aware of its new entrant into the space.

The time it took the 17-year-old company to get there suggests a high risk of failure for newer entrants trying to catch up.

Google also stockpiled immense troves of data — decades’ worth of consumer and business buying preferences and surfing habits — to power its ads and make it harder for new entrants.

Obviously construction and retail names are still predominant as they take advantage of the lower rates, but the main novelty are new entrants in internet and technology.

Tesla would be the biggest new entrant in the group’s history.

Early entrants were familiar 750-milliliter companies simply launching a can option to less–wine focused, heavy marketing campaigned companies.

Judges––a mixed panel of local restaurant stakeholders, community members, and government officials––were tasked with whittling down the entrants to three winners, whose ideas are outlined below.

Broadcom’s offer makes us comfortable that existing competitors and potential new entrants will have a sufficiently large portion of the market open to them to be credible players in these markets.