Entrapment [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Entrapment:

A Washington Post investigation last year reported that the elevator industry had known for decades about the entrapment problem — along with a simple fix, a $100 to $200 space guard to fill the door gap.

The class looked at the master, as if appealing from the irregular entrapment of this mode of examination.

Beneath the fur robe she was soft and white, and the subtle scent of her hair seemed a deeper entrapment than any.

With the concurrence of the police authorities, very little was said publicly respecting my entrapment.

Somewhere among the fungi of the cliffside the huge spider who had built this web awaited the entrapment of prey.

His entrapment by the detestable Cora is so painful that perhaps I was glad to think it also slightly incredible.

An ant lion will dig an entrapment, then hiding behind a blind, await the unwary.

Rufus smiled sardonically as he completed the story of the entrapment.