Entrapping [verb]

Definition of Entrapping:

capture, involve

Synonyms of Entrapping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entrapping:

Sentence/Example of Entrapping:

"Then you admit the charge," said the Frenchman eagerly, as if he had succeeded in entrapping a confession.

I was ambitious of entrapping the whole gang, instead of this solitary member of it.

The fact is that the old Saxon word wera meant any structure for entrapping fish or aiding their capture.

They kept no lights burning, for the purpose of entrapping any one that should attempt to steal by.

Some I shake so as to make sure of entrapping cold air in them.

The colonel had paused, as he perceived the completeness of the lawyer's entrapping.

Had all my efforts for the last half-hour been for the purpose of entrapping her into some such avowal?

Elaborate schemes for the treacherous entrapping of victims were part of the instructions with which an inquisitor was furnished.

The Signal, it need not be said, disavowed complicity in this extraordinary entrapping of the Daily brigade by means of an odour.

When I proposed entrapping him he was startled, but now can hardly wait for my suggestions.