Entraps [verb]

Definition of Entraps:

capture, involve

Synonyms of Entraps:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entraps:

Sentence/Example of Entraps:

The lady has come from England on purpose to entrap you; she came last night, and she stays at the Hotel du Louvre.

He tried, in various ways, to entrap the boy, but Frank made no blunders.

Suppose I should unconsciously entrap some magnificent Yankee!

He knows a hundred ingenious tricks to entrap the most obdurate.

He could never have suggested to his own wife that another man had endeavoured to entrap her into a secret correspondence.

Or, was the peace only a prelude to the massacre—a skilfully devised snare to entrap incautious and credulous enemies?

In attacking the settlers they used many ingenious artifices to entrap or ambuscade them.

Here again the gewgaw of royal parade was intended to entrap the admiration of the ignorant.

The first thing to be done was to entrap the ships so that they should be unable to get out of the harbor.

Borrow felt that the fellow had been sent to entrap him into some utterance that should justify his arrest.