Entreat [verb]

Definition of Entreat:

plead with

Synonyms of Entreat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entreat:

Sentence/Example of Entreat:

Of course Edna would like to hear Mademoiselle Reisz play; but she feared it would be useless to entreat her.

And we earnestly entreat all colored persons who can, to study, and have their children taught Spanish.

“Put it down,” repeated Conscience authoritatively, deigning no longer to argue or entreat.

Of the charges themselves I shall offer no opinion, but entreat every member to judge for himself.

Let us entreat honest men not to take names for things, nor pretences for proofs.

With eyes overflowing with tears, and in the humblest attitude, I entreat you.

I called to her, "I entreat you to listen to me for a moment."

But do not ask me why—do not ask me anything, I entreat you—I could not answer you.'

You shall see me some other time—whenever you like, but go now, I entreat you——'

Tell me, I entreat you; for Sir Wycherly and my father are both unnerved!