Entreaties [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Entreaties:

Pfizer, which has already committed to providing the government 100 million doses, said that as recently as October, federal officials had turned down its entreaties to lock in another 100 million doses.

Her glance wandered from his face away toward the Gulf, whose sonorous murmur reached her like a loving but imperative entreaty.

The music grew strange and fantastic—turbulent, insistent, plaintive and soft with entreaty.

But this entreaty had not passed her lips before M. Dufour started after Frederick.

No entreaty could induce them to retire, to rest themselves for the painful and arduous duties of the morrow.

At a gesture he gave of mute entreaty she went to the door, slowly and heavily, with dragging step.

Henceforth, no effort of mine, no piteous cry or agonised entreaty, would make them even look at me.

He kept his promise, and then, after much entreaty, gave Helvetius a pinch of the powder—about as much as a rape-seed.

He had resisted the entreaty in women's eyes many times, but not always, despite the reputation he held for indifference.

It was only, indeed, at their urgent entreaty that she had given way on this point.