Entrees [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Entrees:

The purchase gave the company entrée into the targeted email marketing business, which again would grow increasingly in importance in 2020 when communicating with customers became crucial during the pandemic.

It was agreed that five Adelie penguins or ten Cape pigeons' eggs made a good tasty entree to the monotonous ration.

Fritters are served as an entree, a vegetable or a sweet, according to the ingredients used.

It is an aristocracy of real merit, entree to which is attained by achievement, not by mere inheritance.

"It's a wild-goose chase," he snapped, attacking his entree savagely.

Julia began laughing as he appeared at the door, which facilitated his entree.

Your dazzling entree put everything out of my mind for a moment.

Priscilla, as I recall, was the only one who seemed to have an entree to him.

To have your portrait painted by Reynolds was considered a proper "entree" into the "bon ton."

The future son-in-law of Amos Tenant would gain just such an entree to business life.