Entrepreneur [noun]

Definition of Entrepreneur:

person who starts a business alone

Synonyms of Entrepreneur:

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Sentence/Example of Entrepreneur:

Four Points is intentionally offering incentives that lower startup costs for local entrepreneurs.

That paints a picture of a city that’s successfully pushing medium-sized companies to great heights but is struggling to get minority entrepreneurs to the starting line in the first place.

Indeed, most of the entrepreneurs I’ve met over the years aimed at just this kind of success.

You can’t blame the social media companies for this, they are entrepreneurs too, and their profit depends on the money you take away from them when your post reaches too far.

Instead of releasing the model for everyone to use, it has only granted beta access to a select few—a mix of entrepreneurs, researchers, and public figures in the tech world.

There’s also an underwater “Boardroom” on the lower level for training sessions with developers and entrepreneurs.

As we learn more about how we process and experience emotions—and as entrepreneurs tap new opportunities based on the latest science and research—inspiring new products will help us all live more joyfully.

She is an international development expert, coalition builder, entrepreneur and philanthropist with more than 20 years of experience in both the private sector and government.

But, in speaking with fellow entrepreneurs, he feels that they can be too-self critical, and often veer on the side of not sharing their expertise enough.

More than ever before, entrepreneurs need to acknowledge their customers’ needs and make data-driven decisions at every step of interaction with the clients.