Entrepreneurial [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Entrepreneurial:

Twenty years ago, the entrepreneur was a host at a radio station in southern China.

Over the past two decades, Belarusian software developers and entrepreneurs have built up a prosperous tech hub in the capital city of Minsk.

He was majoring in economics and computer science, with the idea of becoming a tech entrepreneur.

It’s no secret that many MBA programs, which serve as training grounds for future entrepreneurs and CEOs, struggle with diversity and racial issues themselves.

I say that because I think this generation has a record number of entrepreneurs and it’s exciting.

Well, it might be so during these tough times for many entrepreneurs.

So you’ve got these researchers who think of themselves as scientific entrepreneurs developing the next best thing.

The match of the entrepreneurial individual with the potential of the technology base is key.

Answer: By providing them with the conditions to work and exercise their entrepreneurial skills.

Some land went to entrepreneurial cloth manufacturers, who converted the buildings for the manufacture of cloth.