Entrepreneurs [noun]

Definition of Entrepreneurs:

person who starts a business alone

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Sentence/Example of Entrepreneurs:

A chief purpose of static studies is to afford a means of testing the legitimacy of the incomes that come to entrepreneurs.

If there is no such action going on, it shows that the entrepreneurs have no incentive for taking it.

We shall later see to what extent entrepreneurs do in fact create the profits that come to them.

It is a source of temporary gain for entrepreneurs and of permanent gains for laborers and capitalists.

Is it not a fact that the competing entrepreneurs really sell the product of labor every day at its natural cost of production?

If the entrepreneurs were to sell the surplus product at its real cost of production they would have to give it away.

The entrepreneurs take their stand on this relation and each one of them maintains his position.

It is no argument when he says that the entrepreneurs trade from this position and each one of them maintains his own place.

And on such feeble premises the star turn of the performance is to take place: the exchange between workers and entrepreneurs.

Now as before, an exchange of the social product between workers and entrepreneurs is out of the question.