Entries [noun]

Definition of Entries:

way in to a place

Synonyms of Entries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entries:

Sentence/Example of Entries:

Commissary's inkstand was a coffee-cup without an handle, and his book of entries a quire of dirty writing-paper.

In the lists of apprentices which have been preserved to us the entries of names belonging to county families are frequent.

Of late years it has been the custom to race from port to port, regular entries being made and prizes awarded.

The result, however, has been a very considerable falling off in the entries for the races last year.

Entries relating to the “spout or water engine” are frequent in their records.

The Depositor (Payer) is bound before leaving the office to examine the entries sufficiently so as to see that they are correct.

He heard me to the end, then turning back the book of "occurrences" before him, glanced through the ruled entries.

She was always interested in those events which usually bring joy to families and occasional entries in our parochial registers.

At last he noticed that the entries were regular and consecutive, and though written in different hands, were clear to follow.

It lay in a conspicuous place in the scriptorium, and no one but the chronicler was permitted to make entries in it.