Entrusted [verb]

Definition of Entrusted:

give custody, authority to

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Sentence/Example of Entrusted:

We are deeply grateful to him for entrusting us with his collection and for giving us the opportunity to engage our many audiences with it.

That means the people entrusted to take care of your parents and grandparents are too often not in a position to keep them safe from a virus like this.

The idea is to entrust every employee to decide for themselves.

To Berthier, if to any one, Bonaparte entrusted his secret designs, for he knew that he could do so in safety.

Accordingly, when in 1812 he planned his Russian campaign, he entrusted Ney with the command of the third corps.

Entrusted with sixty thousand men with orders to make a vast turning movement, his timidity spoiled the Emperor's careful plans.

Macdonald was entrusted with this duty, and was further required to cover the concentration of Championnet's army.

Doubtless I should have been entrusted with letters for your highness were not the city in some confusion owing to the fighting.

The good will of that concern was, however, purchased by M. Ducroquet (a capitalist), who entrusted him with its management.

For once he had forgotten his proud boast that he never deserted troops entrusted to his command.