Entry [noun]

Definition of Entry:

way in to a place

Synonyms of Entry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entry:

Sentence/Example of Entry:

Chicken is simply an easier sell to fast-food customers, and the Chicken Sandwich Wars are still dragging on, with McDonald’s and KFC planning to drop new entries in the next few weeks.

Yeun was drawn to how the film didn’t seek to define itself as any one thing, and lacked a barrier to entry.

Unnatural acts’ in the headline above was a non-inking entry submitted by both Kevin Dopart and William Kennard.

I then give you a pot of $100 to start the game, taken out of your entry fee.

In the first year that Digiday has expanded this awards program to include TV alongside other video formats, finalists include remarkable entries from Comedy Central Digital, VH1 and Johnson & Johnson.

Google created an auction system for rival search engines to appear in the “choice screen”, leading many to once again accuse it of abusing its market dominance for profit, and placing barriers to entry for smaller players that cannot compete.

Legislation passed last week in Germany barring entry for most travelers from countries — including the United Kingdom — hit hard by concerning new variants of the coronavirus.

There’s very, very high barriers to entry because it’s economic protectionism.

The executive pioneered the company’s entry into music sales, Amazon’s first push outside books.

What’s more is the company doesn’t just envision Amazon One as a means of entry into its own stores — they’re just a test market.