Entryway [noun]

Definition of Entryway:

entry to place

Synonyms of Entryway:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entryway:


Sentence/Example of Entryway:

First, two adjacent stone holes at Waun Mawn were arranged so that their stones formed an entryway that, when viewed from the center of the circle, faced the midsummer solstice sunrise.

ACE2 receptor cells, the novel coronavirus’s entryway into the body, could provide one answer.

It had been a public entryway before it was closed several years ago for security.

Lee knew he had to keep documenting what was going on inside the Capitol, so soon after he left the initial group, he found another group breaking a different entryway and entered again.

Flashes of light fill the scene as the concussive force rips across the entryway.

They can work in an entryway or hallway, or against an overlooked wall in a living room or bedroom, she says.

The agency also recommends diners wear a “mask as much as possible when not eating” and maintain “a social distance of 6 feet or more in any entryway, hallway or waiting area.”

This 16-shoe cloth organizer goes great next to your home’s entryway or tucked away in a closet.

D'yuh think I ain't seen any o' that billy-dooin'—you an' him upstairs in the entryway—huh?

She was jest a going out of a dark entryway that led out doors, when I ketched up with her.