Entwined [verb]

Definition of Entwined:

twist around

Synonyms of Entwined:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entwined:

Sentence/Example of Entwined:

Whatever we find, there’s no question the fates of life on Earth and our nearest neighbor have been entwined since nearly the beginning.

Sweeter, more dainty were these little, begrimed kids with their arms entwined around one another's waists.

About the head of the second youth were twisted a few broken and empty ears of corn, entwined with faded grass-stalks.

So intimately entwined are these two natures, these twin struggling impulses, that they often remain confused and inseparable.

One hand lay at her throat, a rosary entwined in her fingers and the silver flash of a crucifix.

It has survived in India under the form of two serpents entwined, probably introduced in the track of Alexander the Great.

Certainly it has entwined itself very closely round my own heart; and now that I am away I seem to feel it more than ever.

Entwined about these piles was a cable connecting with thirty powerful torpedoes.

Between the heads are thyrsi or Bacchic rods entwined with ivy and vine shoots, and litui or augural wands used in taking omens.

When the muscles of the body are called into action, all the blood-vessels entwined among them are frequently compressed.