Enumerated [verb]

Definition of Enumerated:

list, count

Synonyms of Enumerated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enumerated:

Sentence/Example of Enumerated:

Botanists have enumerated between forty and fifty varieties of the tobacco plant who class them all among the narcotic poisons.

The bodily positions being exhaustively enumerated need not be correlated together.

One week would have given ample time for us to include the places I have enumerated.

This table, it will be perceived, is far from settling the precise relative value of the different enumerated articles.

But the best writer of tragedy, among those enumerated in “The Pleiad,” was Dionysides.

There has been a great increase in the value of the other animals enumerated, but not in a ratio corresponding with that of sheep.

If any of the articles here enumerated was the production of a British possession, they were to be admitted at a reduced duty.

Is produced from the females of all the warm-blooded animals, which are enumerated among the mammali.

Of all the definitions enumerated, we must give to the word learning the broadest signification.

But of these species, the first must necessarily fall under some one of the heads already enumerated.