Enumerates [verb]

Definition of Enumerates:

list, count

Synonyms of Enumerates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enumerates:

Sentence/Example of Enumerates:

That first report enumerates twelve pumping-engines, probably all of them Watt engines, averaging a duty of seventeen millions.

Mistral enumerates eight dramatic works treating the life of his heroine.

Later on Paul enumerates among the works of the flesh even idolatry and heresy.

Gmelin enumerates about seventy species, all of which, and doubtless many others, are found in different parts of Europe.

Aaron ben Elijah enumerates six views on the nature of evil, with all of which except the last he disagrees.

It then enumerates pleasures of which the human constitution is capable apart from direct advantage or utility.

Buffon enumerates five classes of these monuments of the past history of the earth, and they are all facts of palaeontology.

In this writing he first enumerates, with a kind of ironical pride, all the advantages for which he is indebted to his enemies.

Sokrates here enumerates the particular names illustrating his judgment.

The same attachment is visible where he enumerates them in his "Country House-wive's Garden."